First identify potentials, then combine them successfully

Designing individually crafted procedures for businesses and public institutions has been our passion for the last 15+ years.
Why not let our experience work for you?

Human is Human,
Technology is technology

We say yes to both, and we can harness our knowledge to your needs (we know how to deliver on both fronts)  user experience

Personnel selection made easy

We support you in the conception and implementation of systematic personnel selection and development procedures. DOE

Installing and shaping the buildingblocks of education

When managing change, organizations can never take their eye of the ball. You need to know your strengths and then build on them. Education

user experience

user experience
Working closely with the client’s own engineers and designers, user experience develops ergonomically optimal system interfaces and operation steps.


Diagnostics – Organization – Development supports you in personnel selection, potential analysis and qualification procedures of employees working in service, sales and management jobs.

Service areas



Education offers unique concepts and hands-on solutions that help your organization to grow. We assist educational bodies and companies with all systematic  processes of change.

Service Areas

School development
Competence assessment
Career orientation
Growing your organization

Let MTO‘s experts advise you, drawing on science and best practice

We advise large and mid-sized companies, public institutions, and also foundations – both inside Germany and the wider EU. With our staff of 80 from a range of disciplines, we create solutions for all organizational areas.